EDS 111

Know Thyself: A Reflection on Learning Style and Study Habits

ejournal 1 /  module 0

For the most part I feel my learning and studying habits are tailored well for my personal preferences. My study skills have been developed and honed over 20 years and are now second nature to me.

I am good at managing my time in terms of studying at optimum times of day, prioritizing, and planning adequate time for note taking, absorption, and assignments. I have a strong understanding of my own needs as a learner, such as the ideal setting (at home where I can spread out comfortably, focus without noisy distractions, as well as control lighting, temperature, and tidiness) and method (hand-written notes). I make an effort to study thoughtfully as I find I can understand and remember new ideas readily when I am fully engaged in and make personal connections to the material. My self-regulation helps me achieve my academic and work goals.

But no matter how successful one is as a learner, there is always room for improvement. I admittedly struggle to seek out help from classmates or teachers unless absolutely necessary. I prefer to learn independently and work through any confusion by conducting my own research. I work harmoniously in groups at work and consider myself a team player, but I don’t like to study with others. I can also improve my engagement while reading textbook materials by deliberately asking myself more questions and pushing myself to work though possible answers before reading. My pledge for this course is to interact with the texts more thoughtfully and critically.

I am willing to adjust my study habits as necessary to complete specific assignments, explore alternative perspectives, and meet academic expectations. However, I am happy with the outcomes achieved by my own study processes. Being self-aware and metacognitive allows me to streamline my learning in a way that is most impactful for me.


2 thoughts on “Know Thyself: A Reflection on Learning Style and Study Habits

  1. HI Anne,
    Good Reading from your post. I admire the way you organize your thoughts and writings. Something to be inspired of. Thanks for sharing. Happy learning to us!!!

  2. Hi Anne! I like the way you feel confident with your own study style already proven to be successful yet you are still open for new possibilities in learning. I admire your deep understanding of yourself.

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