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Reflections on Assignment 2

I think the authentic task of developing an assessment rubric and an assessment tool were relevant and helpful in solidifying what I learned in EDS 113 and applying it for a practical purpose. However, the project could have been much more successful and efficient if the group members had been working side-by-side in the same physical place. The asynchronous online discussion made this project more challenging than I anticipated and I sometimes found myself frustrated waiting to hear from my teammates. For me personally, I would have been happy doing more work independently, but I realize that a huge component of the assignment was cooperation, interacting, discussing, and making value-based decisions with peers.

Overall, I believe all or most of the intended goals were met in the online workspace and I think this was a good assignment for integrating learning, review, and application as we worked through problems, negotiated compromises and solutions, discussed key concepts and ideas, gave and responded to feedback, and were able to put theory to practice. I also appreciated that the rubric and peer and self-assessment held my teammates and myself accountable.

I will remember this experience in the future because I was required to be actively engaged in higher cognitive levels and work creatively. It certainly gave the FIC, T. Malou, a wealth of information about how well my teammates and I understood, applied, synthesized, and evaluated the information in relevant ways. I will use a similar group project assignment in the future because it is beneficial to the student in terms of learning and the teacher in terms of assessing progress.


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