Reflections, Insights, and Realizations

eJournaling for a Better Classroom

I think keeping an eJournal will have tremendous benefits.  Reflecting upon the coursework for each module in this way will help me relate what I’m studying online to my daily work as a teacher.  It will be incredibly useful to examine my classroom experiences with a fresh lens as I am exposed to more learning theories each week.

However, just as learning can be superficial, so can writing.  To get the most value out of these journal entries, I must write thoughtfully and with purpose.  I don’t want to cheat myself by meeting the minimum requirements.  I want to make this eJournal a tool for becoming a better teacher.  Each week I would like to brainstorm at least one new approach for the classroom.  It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, maybe just considering some viewpoint I’ve never thought of.

I’m feeling a bit anxious about being a student again.  I was successful in my undergraduate studies, but I’m eager to get into the swing of things here and find my groove with this course.  This is my first experience with a virtual classroom and I can’t help but worry I might miss some key reading or discussion forum or worse – fall behind.  I’m looking forward to understanding the expectations and settling in to an industrious routine.


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